Bozell Leveling Golf’s Playing Field

New Ads for Taylor Made Clubs Get Inside the Minds of the Pros
LOS ANGELES–Bozell Worldwide attempts to bring professional golfers down to a more human level in a new $15 million campaign for Taylor Made Golf Clubs.
The agency has created three 30-second TV spots for Taylor Made’s Ti Bubble 2 driver that show pros Ernie Els, Michelle McGann and Tom Lehman struggling with the same worries and frustrations as weekend hackers.
“People say my swing looks so effortless,” says Els in one spot. “But I work at it just like everybody else.” He is then seen swinging his Ti 2 Bubble Driver. “But who am I kidding? Hitting with this club isn’t work.”
In another spot, McGann describes the nervousness she feels at the first tee. “No matter how many courses, no matter how many holes, it’s still that first tee that gets me.”
The viewer feels Lehman’s pain as he waits out the rain during a tournament. “The harder the rain, the softer the ground,” he says. “The softer the ground, the longer the course plays. And here I am. Come on. Let’s play.” The spots end with Taylor’s tagline, “Find your game,” and the Carlsbad, Calif.-based golf club maker’s toll-free number and Web site address.
“Most pros are used as sales people [in ads], but it actually can do both the client and the pro a disfavor,” said Scott Montgomery, executive vice president, creative director of Bozell’s Costa Mesa, Calif., office. “We tried to take an insight within the pros’ head that amateurs feel as well [for the spots]. It’s much more effective in connecting with the consumer.”
The spots will air domestically and internationally through the rest of the year on network TV and cable channels, including the Golf Channel and ESPN. They also appear on in-flight programming on American Airlines. Print work supports the TV spots.
Montgomery served as creative director on the spots, with John Zegowitz as art director. Chris Brown was the copywriter, and Bob Belton the executive producer on the TV work.