Bozell Launches Bank of America Effort

Bozell, New York, is launching a nationwide campaign for Bank of America Monday worth $145 million.

It consists of two spots, “Swimming Hole” and “Sparring” and print ads that will break later in the year. The tagline for the campaign is “embracing ingenuity.”

In “Swimming Hole,” a young boy is ready to jump into the water, while a group of his peers anxiously wait to see if he will be the first to take a plunge.

The spot makes references to Bank of America implementing a national ATM system, banking online, and a bank credit card. “Sparring,” shows a visually impaired woman defending herself in a dojo. The spot reveals that the client offers ATM machines for the visually impaired.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based client, which has retail banks in 21 states and in Washington D.C., wants to expand the brand. It has increased its advertising budget by $45 million from last year’s $100 million. A Bank of America representative, Scott Scredon said, “We want to be more visible.”

Part of the strategy includes airing the spots during the Olympic Games in February, for which Bank of America is a sponsor.

Bozell was unavailable for comment at press time.