Bozell, CME-KHBB Begin Sorting Titles, But Full Detroit Merger a Year Away

SOUTHFIELD, MICH. – It will take time for Bozell here to absorb CME-KHBB when the merger of the two offices takes effect Jan. 1. So for at least the first year, it won’t even try, leaving CME just as it is. The real consolidation, and subsequent consternation of trying to keep each account group autonomous, will begin to take hold a year from now when CME is expected to move into Bozell office space.
Until CME moves, though, it will be known as ‘Bozell North,’ while Bozell keeps its moniker.
In preparation for that new era in servicing Chrysler, and attempting to match its staff titles more closely with those of CME, Bozell last week promoted three executives. Executive vp/general manager Kim Gaynor (heretofore the highest ranking Bozell exec based in Detroit) is being promoted to president of the Chrysler-Plymouth team, and will continue to report to Bozell chairman David Bell. In addition, senior vp/director of client services Lynn Vernon was named executive vp/Chrysler-Plymouth brands and dealer accounts. And Brian Palmer, formerly senior vp/group account director for C-P, was named executive vp/director of strategic planning. Palmer’s promotion reflects a Chrysler directive that planning be run out of Detroit.
CME chief executive officer Mike Vogel will keep his CEO title, remaining in charge of the Jeep Eagle team. Vogel will report to Bell. Likewise, CME president Tom Bernardin will be president of the Jeep-Eagle team, and continue to report to Vogel. Neither Gaynor nor Vogel were interested in reporting to the other, according to sources. So both, along with Bozell vice chairman Alan Levenstein will report to Bell.
The combined agency’s organization chart won’t be as orderly as that of other Chrysler agencies, but that is because Chrysler recognizes each agency, CME in particular, has a unique culture that deserves to be preserved. Secondly, the two agencies are so disparate in their cultures and in the way each services Chrysler that throwing them together into any one organization all at once would not be practical.
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