With paternity suits long a staple in the public relations train wreck known as the Dallas Cowboys, one wonders why the state attorney general does not line up his child support enforcement squad against America’s team.
This month Texas AG Dan Morales finally acted. Rather than blitz the Cowboys, however, Morales enlisted the franchise in his fight against dead-beat dads.
A series of 30-second television PSAs is scheduled to begin airing this month, featuring Cowboys safety Brock Marion and his family to promote a “positive fatherhood campaign,” according to the AG’s office.
Appearing with the Marion family is Morales, who has urged fathers to “be positive and active role models to their children.
“Our message is that child support is more than money,” said Morales. “It is spending time with your children, encouraging them, guiding them, and being an active presence in their lives.”
The statewide campaign will later expand to include posters and calender leaflets.
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