A Boy and a Teacher Are Featured in Microsoft’s Super Bowl Ads

Tech giant gets its pre-release in just under the wire

In perhaps the latest pre-release of Super Bowl ads, Microsoft this afternoon unveiled two spots just hours before kickoff.

The tech giant used in-house marketing personnel as well as outsiders to create the two real-life vignettes, "All Aboard the Brilliant Bus" and "Braylon O'Neill." (Microsoft declined to further identify who contributed to the spots but they do not involve new IPG agencies like McCann Erickson.) The work continues the empowerment message featured in last year's Super Bowl ad, which was also largely created in-house.

In one of this year's ads, Braylon O'Neill, a six-year-old who was born missing his tibia and fibula bones in his legs, is now active and playing sports with the assistance of Microsoft technology.    

In the other ad, a retired teacher who created what she calls a "Brilliant Bus" uses the vehicle to bring technology to low-income communities where she can reach children who don't have computers at home. With Microsoft's help, she hopes to educate 1 million kids by the end of next year.

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