Bowling For Airtime

Partners & Shevack has come up with a bowling mystery that makes The Big Lebowski look easy.
Why would the Professional Bowlers Association agree to a trade campaign that gives away $120,000 worth of ad exposure?
The answer: to draw attention to the upcoming PBA Tour. The campaign breaks Monday and offers other sponsors a chance to win a 30-second spot on the tour, airing nationwide on CBS.
“It’s an aggressive campaign that matches an aggressive restaging of the PBA,” said shop chief executive Brett Shevack.
The “Submit your spot” campaign targets the automotive, gasoline and motor oil, life insurance and telecommunications industries. To qualify for a shot at the free time, sponsors must watch the April 18 event and fill out an entry form naming the winner and the color of his shirt. Then, they submit their commercial.
Winners will be picked at random, and the spots will air in May and June. They will not be announced, so entrants must tune in. –Rob Lenihan