Bowl Focus on Caddy

General Motors is concentrating on Cadillac for Super Bowl XXXVII, with the division taking over for Pontiac as the official postgame show sponsor.

Two Cadillac spots will air during the Jan. 26 game, including a 60-second brand commercial in the third quarter that will feature the new XLR. A 30-second spot will likely run in the second quarter. Which model it will focus on is being determined, but it could feature the Esca lade sport utility vehicle.

Last year, GM aired three ads for Pontiac during the post game and one for GMC right before kickoff. Pontiac sponsored the post game show in five of the last six years.

The timing of the XLR launch and new spots GM was eager to showcase led to the decision for an all-Caddy game, said C.J. Fraleigh, GM’s executive director of corporate marketing and advertising. However, there are no plans to designate Cadillac as the only GM brand to advertise on the Super Bowl in future years, he said.

D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, Troy, Mich., is Cadillac’s agency. Media is bought by GM Mediaworks, a unit of Interpublic Group. Bowl spots are going for $2 million per 30 seconds; the total value of GM’s package was not disclosed.

The Super Bowl fits Cadillac’s plan to connect with premium prop erties such as the Academy Awards and Wimbledon, said a Cadillac rep. Cadillac signed a deal with the NFL last year that made it the official vehicle of the Super Bowl for three years.

Cadillac is also the sponsor of the Bowl’s two-minute warning, at which point the screen will shift from the field to a shot of a parade of Cadillac vehicles driving over the Coronado Bridge in San Diego, where the game is being played. The shot, filmed from a helicopter, will be prerecorded, but will appear to be live, sources said.