Bouncing The Lottery Ball

Picture this: a low-speed chase down an expressway as a bevy of police squad cars follow a giant yellow lottery ball.
Does it sound like the infamous 1994 scene when police tailed O.J. Simpson in the white Bronco?
The Illinois Lottery and Foote, Cone & Belding in Chicago claim they never made such an association when they filmed the 30-second TV spot for the Big Game lottery.
But the commercial was pulled off the air after only one day once it became apparent that others thought the ad parodied the Simpson chase.
The Chicago Tribune put the story on its front page Aug. 29, the day the spot began airing. It quoted Daniel Petrocelli, the lawyer representing murder victim Ron Goldman’s father, as saying, “My client lost his son. There’s nothing funny about it.”
Lottery director Lorri Montana initially sought to deflect the controversy, arguing that the spot was intended simply as a spoof of “chopper news” coverage by local stations.
On Aug. 30, the Illinois Lottery conceded that the spot was generating unexpected associations and axed it. -Scott Hume