Bottoms up

Ads for Bombay Sapphire gin have showcased designers’ versions of the classic martini glass since 1992. This year, the client and its shop decided the campaign—like James Bond’s perfect martini—needed a shake-up.

“We were testing whole new concepts, but the martini-glass campaign still tested better than anything else,” said Fritz Westenberger, co-creative director at Margeotes|Fertitta + Partners, the client’s agency since the brand’s inception.

So the New York-based shop decided to keep the basic concept of the campaign—a bottle and glass against a blue background—hire a new photographer, Shu Akashi and change the tag from “Pour something priceless,” to “Sapphire inspired.”

Three new print executions highlight a sleek minimalist glass by hipster potter Jonathan Adler (shown below) and an elegant gobletlike glass designed by 94-year-old legendary designer Eva Zeisel. Architect David Rockwell also designed a glass.

The ads for the spirit, which is owned by Miami, Fla.-based Bacardi, break in November publications such as Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair.