bottom feeders

The question lingers like grease stains on a bag of fast food: Who gets to keep the orphaned french fries that topple from their little card board holders and come to rest between the Big Mac and the Quarter Pounder With Cheese?

McDonald’s franchises in Colorado tackle the tough issue head-on in three new spots from Karsh & Hagan/Integer QSR of Denver. Seated on a chair on a barren set, french-fry lovers offer their take on who has the right to gobble up the fries overboard.

“The fries left in the bag are dealer’s choice,” declares one impassioned man. Another says they’re “like fry tax” and should go to the person who picks up the food.

“Everyone has their own way of eating them,” said copywriter Kathryn Russell, adding that french fries are nothing less than a “cult phenomenon of America.” While the agency may have taken a risk by departing from the upbeat, fun-filled spots McDonald’s typically uses, Russell felt the topic had to be addressed once and for all.

She also maintains that the ads reinforce McDonald’s status as the source of “America’s favorite fries.”