Boston’s Newest Ad Matchmaker: Lyn Rosoff

Maybe it’s in the genes. Lyn Rosoff, daughter of the man who founded the precursor of Boston’s Arnold agency, has joined newly formed search consultancy MatchWorks.

MatchWorks, with offices in Boston and New York, was founded by industry veterans Howard Lesman and Jan Boyle. Lesman was an account manager at Ammirati Puris Lintas for nearly 20 years.

The startup has two divisions: SearchWorks, headed by Boyle, and PartnerWorks, led by Rosoff. As the names suggest, SearchWorks will specialize in pairing marketers with new agencies, while PartnerWorks will focus on fortifying existing relationships between agencies and clients.

“Our philosophy is that we believe in finding and building partnerships between clients and agencies,” said Rosoff.

A former Arnold account management executive for 18 years, Rosoff most recently ran her own one-person consulting business, which she has essentially folded into MatchWorks.

“Agencies put so much effort into winning new business, but we are often so close to our existing client relationships, we don’t see potential problems as clearly as those who have the perspective of some distance,” said Kristin Toli, director of marketing at Holland Mark, Boston. “I’ve worked with Lyn Rosoff in her training and coaching capacity. She understands both clients and agencies and her skills and insights would be an enormous asset to agencies.”

During her last years at Arnold, Rosoff provided communications training as well as coaching to clients and agencies. At MatchWorks, Rosoff uses her training and coaching skills to “improve and maximize relationships,” she said. “The whole point is, on a regular basis, to avoid the kinds of problems that need fixing.”

Arnold Rosoff, Lyn’s father, who in 1946 formed the agency that became Arnold, noted that the MatchWorks model is a “splendid idea, but not easy to execute—it won’t be a fast takeoff.”