Boston Globe Storytelling Event Will Highlight Paper’s ‘Young Coding Superstar’

Tonight's Emerson College celebration is sold out

There are several pairings set for tonight’s Globe Live event at the Paramount Center.

Boston Globe deputy city editor Mike Bello and business columnist Shirley Leung will highlight “ridiculous press releases.” Entertainment reporters Meredith Goldstein and Mark Shanahan will share some of their favorite celebrity interviews. And in what is sure to be one of the night’s emotional highlights, reporter Janelle Nanos will celebrate the triumph of her young colleague Kai Martin.

Here’s the stunning background on Martin:

At age 13, Micah “Kai” Martin was homeless, abandoned, and unsupported by his parents. By age 15, Kai had been in and out of foster homes. He was very intelligent and tested into the prestigious Boston Latin School. There, he discovered O’Reilly coding books (a leading publisher of computer coding educational materials). But lacking guidance and family support, Kai was quickly expelled and sent back to his prior high school, where he no longer had access to coding instruction.

Enter Resilient Coders, an organization that teaches young people from traditionally underserved communities how to code. Shortly after joining the program, Resilient Coders helped Kai get accepted into Startup Institute, an intensive, 8-week coding bootcamp, and they organized an Indiegogo campaign to pay for it. Quickly establishing himself as a coding superstar, Kai became the lead developer for Resilient Coders’ Resilient Lab, and now, at age 19, works for the Boston Globe.

Ticket prices for tonight’s event were $35 and $45. The paper may put on another one of these in the fall.