Boomers Plotting Their Next Move

If you live next door to uncongenial baby boomers, take heart: There’s a decent chance they’ll move. A report released last month by AARP, based on polling conducted among 45-64-year-olds in late summer, found 79 percent saying they’d like to stay in their current home “as long as possible.”

Nonetheless, 26 percent expect to move to a different home at some point in the future. Fifty-nine percent of these prospective movers will be “looking for a single-level home that is more comfortable or convenient,” says the report. Fifty percent will be in the market for a home that’s newer and 49 percent for one that’s smaller.

A warmer or better climate is a lure for 41 percent of the boomer men and 25 percent of the boomer women who plan to pull up stakes.