Booking media

It won’t be seen on The New York Times bestseller list anytime soon, but Roger Baron’s debut literary effort figures to be a must-read among college undergraduates studying advertising in the coming year.

Baron, director of media research at Foote, Cone & Belding in Chicago, was enlisted two years ago to help the book’s original author, former Northwestern University professor Jack Sissors, with the sixth update of the book. The two knew each other through the local research community.

Sissors suffered a stroke a few months later, leaving Baron on his own. Then the book’s publisher was sold to McGraw-Hill, putting the entire project in limbo.

By March 2001 McGraw-Hill had given the go-ahead for the new edition, however, and Baron continued his work. Among his major contributions were a chapter on using the Internet as a planning resource, and the inclusion of real-life elements of having a job in media planning. “There are lunches; there are parties,” he said.

Baron said the publisher expects to sell about 2,000 copies a year. Last time he checked, there were three copies left. He’s also seen the book at local stores.

“It is nice,” he said.