Bonaduce Goes Mobile in CBS Series

NEW YORK CBS Mobile is planning to launch its first original animated program, “Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach,” on Nov. 12.

Eight episodes range from three to five minutes in length. The shorts can also be viewed on and CBS Audience Network. A new installment will bow every two weeks.

Presented in the form of satirical vignettes, the show focuses on stars that have become tabloid fodder, e.g., Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. The first episode is called “Britney Explained.” It leaves viewers wondering if the pop star is truly out of control or if she is following Bonaduce’s “important life lessons.” (His animated character relies on weightlifting, smoking and advice from unsavory sidekick Catchphrase Cat.)

Bonaduce began his career as a child star on The Partridge Famly, and he has since served as a radio talk-show host and appeared in his own reality TV series. Bonaduce has experienced many personal and professional highs and lows and garnered tabloid headlines for drug problems and infidelity.

The mobile show will incorporate interactive elements, allowing fans to sign up for regular life coaching in the form of tongue-in-cheek Bonaduce text messages. An online widget lets viewers share live video and interact through text, blogs and polls.

Cyriac Roeding, evp at CBS Mobile, said the series was constructed in part to “create buzz-worthy, up-to-date original content at CBS Mobile and CBS Interactive.”