Boking It Into Retirement

Bill Haney, who has worked with Bcom3, D’Arcy and Manning Selvage & Lee, has “retired” from the ad business but not from his working life. His Orton ville, Mich., consulting firm, MB Communi cations, still services the mar keting commu ni cations, auto, telecom, tech and auto-supplier industries. And those endeavors lead to others that Haney turns into books.

Haney says he’s had his hand in nearly 400 books, one way or another, since 1967—as editor, publisher, author, co-author or ghost writer. His two latest are about cooking and social activism.

With Somnuk “Sandy” Arpachinda, he co-authored Thai Pure and Simple. You don’t have to be a master chef to follow the recipes, he says, which range from simple tow hoo tod (fried bean curd) to the slightly more complex Bangkok Flaming Duck. Haney served as a “facilitator” on the second book, One Rose Blooming, by Rose Martin and Doug Truax. It’s the story of Martin, who rose from a childhood of poverty in 38 foster homes to establish the Peace Neighbor hood Center in Ann Arbor, Mich., serving the homeless, drug addicts and abused women and children.

“I guess I get involved in books on wildly diverse subjects for the same reason I’ve found myself in a range of advertising and public relations roles—because I have an insatiable appetite to learn something new,” Haney says.