Boeri Sport Uses Humor to Tout Safety Helmets

Chickens, clowns and flies model sports safety helmets in the latest print effort for Boeri Sport USA.

One execution shows a close-up of a fly after it has been hit with a swatter. There’s a hole in the fly-swatter, but the insect is alive due to its blue Boeri helmet. Another ad shows packaged chicken meat on a conveyor belt. But one live chicken is still standing—and wearing a black Boeri safe-ty helmet.

A third advertisement shows a young boy knocked out with a bloody nose. Standing near the boy is an inflatable-clown punching bag, wearing the Boeri helmet.

Each ad displays the copy: “Remember to ski and snowboard responsibly.” The work retains the “It’s your head” tagline from past campaigns.

“[Our goal] has been to produce ads that stand out and employ hu-mor and interpretation—but [at the same time] we’re still talking about a safety product,” said Robyn Hasson, marketing director at Norwood, Mass.-based Boeri Sport USA, which imports Boeri products from Italy.

An effort was made to set Boeri apart from other companies in the ski helmet category by avoiding predictable snowy mountain scenes, according to Mary Rich, senior art director at Arnold, Boston. Rich worked on the account before joining Arnold and continues to oversee the campaign on a freelance basis. Cliff Leicht wrote the copy; Craig Orsini and Marc Ruggerrio provided photography.

The campaign at-tempts to make mainstream recreational enthusiasts aware of Boeri products, said Rich.

In the recent past, helmets have been marketed mainly to professional snowboarders and skiers as well as to children.

The new ads have begun breaking in Ski, Skiing, Powder, Freeze, Free Skier, Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarder and Outside.