Bodybuilders, B-Boy Dancers and the Late Great Gandolfini in This Week’s New Movies [Video]

Also starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jake Gyllenhall and the Twin Towers

In the absence of a blockbuster tent-pole, the wide release this week is an example of that more recent modern oddity, the 3-D dance movie. This time it's the 3-D Battle of the Year no less. As may be self-evident to anyone who saw him in Lost, Josh Holloway was one of the creators of the sport of b-boy dancing. But after 15 years of humiliation by the French and other lesser Bs it is now up to him to coach an American team to victory. These movies are the modern musicals.

In his final performance on film, James Gandolfini offered up yet another bear of a man with hidden depths, this time the date of masseur Julia Louis-Dreyfus whose client Catherine Keener is his disparaging ex-wife. For pretty much everyone who will go see Enough Said in a cinema it scarcely matters that the whole story is in the trailer, including a tear for our dear departed Soprano. Most will wait for Netflix.

Elsewhere this week, Prisoners is an opportunity for Hugh Jackman to fake non-superheroic physical proportions in an attempt to pass as a normal person. Unfortunately, the plot of this kidnapping thriller is so unlikely he may as well be wearing a singlet, sideburns and Adamantium fingernails. Meanwhile The Citizen has Egyptian actor Khaleb Nabawy as a green card lottery winner who arrives in the U.S on Sept. 10, 2001, so you can guess how that works out for him. And finally, Generation Iron is Pumping Iron for the new millennium. These guys are fascinating to gawk at as always, but for anyone drawn to this particular form of self-abuse, Sam Fusell's Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder should be a compulsory read.