Boat Builder Likes Landlubber

Zimmerman Gets Feet Wet With Monterey
ATLANTA–The Zimmerman Agency of Tallahassee, Fla., has jumped into the lucrative waters of marine marketing by landing the Monterey Boats aadvertising account, valued a $1 million annually.
The new client represents the agency’s first foray into the boating industry. Representatives of the Archer, Fla.-based boat builder said that was an advantage in Zimmerman’s pitch.
“The fact that Zimmerman did not have previous boating experience was a plus in our eyes,” said Lou Vasquez, marketing director for Monterey. “We were searching for a fresh approach, and the approach they took to the creative certainly supported our decision.”
“If you pick up the core boating magazines, you’ll see the approach, the photographs, it’s all very similar. It’s almost like the industry is talking to itself, and we’re looking at it from the outside,” said Curtis Zimmerman, agency principal. “We were concerned at first, but it turned to work in our favor.”
Monterey had conducted an initial review last year before deciding to continue with a series of freelancers to promote its product.
Zimmerman said Monterey Boats’ advertising effort will focus primarily on print messages directed at consumers and the trade. The first campaign will be launched in January.
The agency will also use ZCOM2, its interactive division, to develop a Web site and generate electronic commerce through boat dealers for the client.
Vasquez would not divulge the identities of the other agencies competing for the account.