BMC Moves Forward With SicolaMartin

DALLAS BMC Software has hired SicolaMartin as its lead agency, the client said.

Sicola was initially awarded a project by the client following a review that included incumbent Fogarty Klein Monroe in Houston, according to BMC senior manager of worldwide marketing Karen Abercrombie. The Houston software company was looking for a shop to help promote its solutions for an initiative called “business service management,” which refers to a way to manage technology to better align it with changing objectives.

The recent acquisitions of Remedy Software and IT Masters boosted BMC’s capabilities in that area. “We wanted the creative product to signal there’s a change at BMC,” Abercrombie said. “[Business service management] is a significant new strategy and initiative for BMC and we asked Fogarty and SicolaMartin to present their capabilities and how they would approach the project. All in all, we felt SicolaMartin was best suited for it.”

Abercrombie said she was impressed with the Austin, Texas, shop’s high-tech expertise. “They know our business and it’s a complex business that is not easily grasped. We needed someone who could quickly be up to speed,” she said.

Sicola launched the effort for the new strategy through public and analyst relations, events and online efforts in April. Abercrombie indicated the project was a good trial and said, “We felt confident they could move forward with us.”

The shop now will handle the majority of the client’s creative and media duties. BMC also has consolidated online projects at Sicola. That work was previously at Los Angeles-based TargetMarket Interactive, which is now called Citrus.

The in-house marketing departments of some BMC units will handle the additional work, Abercrombie said. The company, whose advertising targets businesses, will likely use print, online, direct marketing and collateral in the future, she said.

Sicola will now step up efforts to promote business service management and BMC’s solutions through a print and online campaign.

“We’ll communicate that these capabilities that BMC now has really allows chief information offices to do their job in a more powerful way, and they’re going to love BMC for it,” said Sicola executive creative director Steve Martin.

Fogarty, which had the account from 2001 until the end of 2002, will now handle only media placement for the Remedy unit, Abercrombie said. Last year BMC ran limited placements in trade publications and did online advertising.

Billings are undisclosed. BMC spent less than $1 million on advertising last year, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR. Abercrombie said the company is increasing its media expenditures to be “in the millions of dollars” but declined to provide the exact total.