Blowing Its Own Horn At Drivers

The New Mexico Advertising Federation wants to make sure the ad industry is doing the job right. To be certain that’s the case, it is springing a pop quiz on the residents of Albuquerque, N.M.
Actually, the test is kind of rigged. On billboards across the city, the local advertising association asks some rather leading questions that are actually plugs for the industry.
“Quick-name a running shoe,” reads one message. Since any noncave-dwelling hominid could probably answer that, the board is quick to respond: “Advertising works.”
The same remark is made about computers in another outdoor execution.
“We wanted drivers and passengers to relate to the boards on a different level than they do with other advertising messages,” said Jim McKenna, a federation board member and executive vice president of Albuquerque’s Rick Johnson & Co.
“Advertising really does work and these boards will prove that it is effective.”
-Glen Fest