Bloom + Evans = Publicis

Two years ago, the Tracy-Locke name disappeared with Omnicom’s restructuring of its DDB Needham Dallas operations. Last week, Publicis’ latest U.S. acquisition eliminated the similarly venerable Bloom moniker in Big D.
After 46 years, the Bloom name was dropped when Publicis in France purchased Salt Lake City-based EvansGroup [see National News, page 57], resulting in the merger of both companies’ Dallas operations. Evans Advertising here was folded into Publicis/Bloom to form the renamed Publicis, with $235 million in billings.
The name change actually came at the request of Bob Bloom, son of late agency founder Sam Bloom and now chairman of the $700 million Publicis U.S. network following the buyout. “Strangely enough, I recommended it,” said Bloom. “It had nothing to do with EvansGroup.
“Our global brand is Publicis, and I’ve become a big believer in the global business. I told [Publicis S.A. Worldwide chairman] Maurice Lƒvy that when we make an acquisition affecting Dallas . . . we ought to use that time to change the name.”
The shop has also operated as The Bloom Company, The Bloom Agency and Bloom/FCA since being formed in 1952.
The new name and the merger are only the first of the changes taking place. While Publicis/Bloom co-chairmen Steve Price and Seth Werner retain their titles at the new Publicis, the role for Evans president George Arnold was still being determined at press time, according to Bloom. Publicis plans to utilize Evans’ office space after deciding on the new shop’s departmental structure, Bloom said. All 40 Evans employees will be retained.
Publicis in Dallas will also house one of seven new Publicis Dialog units being established nationwide to handle promotional, direct and public relations accounts.