There’s the line between humor and offensiveness? At about 11 p.m.
The Kentucky Lottery last week began airing two new 30-second TV spots for its “Win for Life” instant game, which promises winners a cool grand a week for as long as they live.
One of the spots from lottery agency Doe-Anderson in Louisville shows a woman politely asking a vampire to bite her so she can enjoy her $1,000 weekly stipend forever. She even offers to split it 50/50 with the Count, but he counters by demanding a 60 percent cut.
Kentuckians who stay up late enough may see a second version of the spot. In this cut, the uninterested vampire slams his coffin lid in the woman’s face, eliciting a petulant “Bite me!” from her. This spot will air only during late-night programs, such as The Late Show With David Letterman.
The lottery’s goal with the vampire ad is to bite back at the Ohio River’s new floating casino, Caesar’s World, which has taken some of its business.
–Scott Hum