blonde ambition

Be it a shameless bid to drum up publicity for a new MGM film or a gallant effort to rid society of a lingering prejudice, July 9 has been declared “National Blonde Day.”

Organized by a group calling itself the Blonde Legal Defense Club, the event will encourage people to color their hair blonde for the day, and include demonstrations, speeches and even a modest advertising effort. The aim is to remedy the “widespread belief that blondes are dumb and incapable,” according to the club’s official mission statement.

There is even a hotline (888/746-7646) and a Web site (www.national

Fair enough. But even the dumbest brunette might wonder why a call to the hotline was returned by someone from MGM films. Turns out National Blonde Day is a promo vehicle for the studio’s upcoming film, Legally Blonde.

“Blonde Day is not a joke,” assures Adam Keen, a non-blonde who is also director of special projects for MGM. Asked if it was tied to the movie, he said, “It will be, but we’re not ready to talk about that yet.”