Blog Series Blah Girls Yields Branded Products

Internet animated blog series Blah Girls, which launched in October 2008, is moving into licensing.

The show recently debuted as a series of one-minute interstitials on the entertainment newsmag strip The Insider, and has generated a lot of interest among its audience of young hipsters obsessed with celebrity life. The property has plans to expand into all media, including a standalone TV series and merchandise.

Blah Girls features Krystle, Britney and Tiffany—a trio of girls who lounge around Krystle’s bedroom and gossip about celebrities’ lives. The animated blog is co-produced by Todd Goldman, the creative power behind the David & Goliath brand and Katalyst Films, an animation company spearheaded by Hollywood A-lister Ashton Kutcher.

The property has more than 70 one-minute episodes online to date and has received more than two million views online. In addition, the Blah Blah blog is well on its way to become a success by mixing animation with instantaneous viewer feedback. It resonates with its audience of Web-savvy girls who tend to spend a lot of time online blogging and connecting with friends on Facebook and MySpace. The main characters each have their own page on Facebook, which offers an opportunity for fans to stay connected.

Brand Sense Partners is planning to expand Blah Girls into apparel, stationery, plush, interactive, cosmetics and toiletries, and home décor.