blockbuster out the sun

Just in time for spring break, J. Walter Thompson in Chicago launches a TV spot promoting the virtues of pallor.
The spot, which breaks during Monday’s telecast of the American Comedy Awards on the Fox Network, suggests that spending time with rented video games from Blockbuster is the best way to enjoy a vacation, at least for the beautiful people.
Two overly tanned teens are shown admiring their singed faces in a bathroom mirror. “You have to go far to char!” one enthuses. A pale, non-tanned classmate emerges from a stall. “I stayed in and rented Blockbuster video games,” she says.
The sunburnt girls express disgust, which turns to horror when one is asked, “Is that a wrinkle?”
The pale girl then walks out of the bathroom, followed by the sunburnt duo, who see her walking down the hall with a boy. “My boyfriend,” one shrieks.
“He never saw the sun either,” replies our triumphant, if pasty-faced, heroine.
–Trevor Jense