Blinkx Debuts Personalized Video

NEW YORK has released a platform that helps users personalize their Web video viewing experience, in what the video search engine company said is a glimpse of a possible TV interface of the future.

My Blinkx allows users to create their own channels through search queries. For instance, a user could create a “Hurricane Katrina” channel that will search the Blinkx index for videos that have storm-related terms in their transcription. The channels are constantly updated as new videos become available.

Suranga Chandratillake, founder of Blinkx, said the platform is a “first stab from us to what an IPTV (Internet Protocol television) platform would look like.”

IPTV is the movement by technology and telecommunications companies to deliver video programming over broadband Internet connection.

For now, My Blinkx will rely on consumer-generated media for its index, which has 25,000 hours of programming, according to Chandratillake. He said the San Francisco startup is in talks with content providers to include their videos in the index. The Blinkx video search engine indexes video from several news and entertainment companies, including Reuters, CNN and MSNBC. Unlike the video search engine, My Blinkx videos would be hosted by Blinkx.

“Video on the Web is great,” Chandratillake said. “At the end of the day, we all still spend much more time watching TV than on the Web, which tells you something about the experience.”

Blinkx, which was reportedly in talks with News Corp. over an acquisition, does not carry advertising, but Chandratillake said it is considering different models. For smaller content providers, Blinkx could offer ad-insertion services, splitting the revenue generated. Another possibility, said Chandratillake, is for Blinkx to carry sponsored video content targeted by the keywords for customized channels.

“With this, [advertisers] can be as targeted as Google AdWords but with TV,” he said.