The Blair Web Project

We witness the scene through a handheld video camera and hear the narration of wiseacre kids venturing deep within a college campus.
Holland Advertising’s new spots for WebZinger use a faux-documentary style similar to that of the independent horror film The Blair Witch Project.
Ads for the research software are supposedly shot by two college kids with time on their hands thanks to WebZinger’s research abilities.
Con Williamson, creative director at the New York agency, was inspired by footage he shot on a brainstorming trip to Fordham University in the Bronx.
“There were all these kids passed out during finals week,” Williamson said. “I was making smart-ass comments under my breath. When we looked at the tape we were like, ‘This is cool.'”
Like Blair Witch, the campaign makes the most of a skimpy ($1 million) budget: Ads will run in college markets such as Columbus, Ohio, and Syracuse, N.Y.; campuses will be plastered with print ads made to look like photocopied flyers. –Emily Fromm