BlackSheep Marketing Emerges

Add BlackSheep Marketing to the growing list of regional startups.

The four-person technology-focused agency offers a full spectrum of advertising and marketing services with an emphasis on “complete customer communications” designed for the rapid, quick-changing pace of today’s business climate.

“Especially in high-tech, everyone is on an accelerated pace, and we’re sensitive to that,” said Kane Mosteller, president of BlackSheep. “We want to make things happen.”

Mosteller and his BlackSheep ncohorts David Santos, Kendra Briggs and Tony Ly, previously worked at ConnectedBrands, a Boston marketing company.

“The BlackSheep name stems from a design to split with old-guard agency ideas of client service and hopefully forge a new model based on working especially closely with clients,” Mosteller said.

“An older populace would see the term [BlackSheep] as a negative thing, but we feel it’s a positive,” said Santos. “We’re trying to blaze a trail and try new things.”

The new agency looks to provide a “Total Client Experience,” which BlackSheep defines as complete customer focus and communications— from making sure invoices are concise to ensuring agency principals and clients work as partners in all aspects of the creative process.

Santos and Ly oversee creative development while Briggs acts as director of agency services.

Up and running in downtown Boston for the past several weeks, BlackSheep already boasts several high-tech clients. It added Akibia, a Westborough, Mass.-based provider of CRM consulting and technology support services. BlackSheep is producing its data sheets, newsletters and other print work.

Other clients include investment software developer Eagle Investment Systems, Newton, Mass., and Thinking Bytes Technology, a Waltham, Mass.-based handheld software developer.

“With the slowing economy, we’re still concentrating on the high-tech industry,” said Mosteller, though the shop looks to work with other niches in the near future.

The Boston market recently has been a hotbed for startup agencies. Modernista!, which develops ads for the Gap, MTV and others, has been the most lauded, with Velocity Advertising, Push and McCarthy Mambro Bertino making strides.