Black Rocket Work Shows Timing Is Everything

Initial Spots for FusionOne Explore Hazards of Being out of Sync
SAN FRANCISCO–FusionOne, a new service that allows users to simultaneously update computers, cell phones and other electronic devices with information, recently launched its first campaign, aimed at young mobile professionals.
The TV, print and Internet work, running now via Black Rocket in San Fran-
cisco, points to the San Jose, Calif., client’s strengths, showing the bad things that can happen when events are not properly timed.
“We had some pretty specific objectives, but we realized you can’t do everything in 30 seconds,” said Don Albert, vice president of marketing and sales for FusionOne. “What we really wanted was to get noticed among a jaded audience, and the humor was a way of cutting through the clutter.”
In the first spot, a man sits at the counter of a greasy spoon. A server comes by, pours coffee on the counter and sets down a cup. A cook then walks over and dumps food on the counter while the man looks on. The tagline is, “Sync is everything.”
In another spot, a fellow is shown sitting on a park bench. A group of paramedics quickly rushes over and starts treating him, although he isn’t injured. After he waves them off, a crazed orangutan emerges from the bushes, waving a weed whacker.
Two more ads play on similar themes. FusionOne officials said the strategy, which is to attract people who own more than one electronic device, will continue in future ads.
TV will air through the year’s end in the New York, San Francisco and Chicago markets.
FusionOne awarded its estimated $25 million account to Black Rocket in March, following a review.