BK’s Kickin’ Chick’n

NEW YORK Crispin, Porter + Bogusky sure knows how to do chicken. Ever since the Subservient Chicken donned its garters to fulfill our whims online, Burger King chickens have proven to be the coolest, funniest fowls around. A new commercial for the fast-food chain’s Spicy Chick’n sandwich takes viewers to the site of a Chinese master’s training grounds. Yes, it’s a common ground, trampled by many brands over the years. But in this spot, the close-ups of the chicken alone are funny enough to subvert the all-too-familiar setup. The master, played by actor James Hong sporting a Fu Manchu mustache, is trying to teach an eager fowl to manage his strength. “You have too much kick!” he barks. “You must learn how to control it!” The chicken shatters a barrel, knocks down a house and knocks the head off a statue. “Still too much kick,” says the master, who takes a sip of a BK drink. “A little kick,” he advises. The chicken ultimately succeeds and gives his master a delighted squawk. He is ready to be added to the $1 menu. The spot ends with a voiceover explaining the sandwich has “just the right amount of kick.”