BK “Stuck”

When it comes to ads spoofing home shopping networks, this BK spot’s the King. The campaign pitches the Whopper Jr. on KVN, the King Value Network. The sandwich, selling for a buck, appears as a “celebrity guest.” And boy, are the bubbly on-air personalities pleased to meet him, squeezing his sesame seeds and fondling his — um — buns. The blonde co-host, stereotypically vapid, can hardly contain herself — not that far of a stretch from most real-life shopping network hosts. She is especially fun to watch as she shows off a King commemorative plate, screams for help when “Jr.” has problems making his entrance and generally annoys her brunette co-host. The concept is well worn, but the funny portrait of the giddy and often surreal TV shopping culture is dead-on and worth watching. –Eleftheria Parpis

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