BK Reimagines the Restaurant Experience; Brands Promote Job Openings for Labor Day: Thursday’s First Things First

Plus, how Smucker’s overhauled its creative approach

New Burger King design
The drive-thru will be expanded with one or two more lanes. Burger King
Headshot of Jess Zafarris

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How Burger King Is Reimagining the Restaurant Experience During the Pandemic

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way customers interact with retail spaces and restaurants—and Burger King is rising to meet those changes with a reinvention of the experience. Renovations and additions to BK locations will include prioritizing enhanced and social distancing-friendly drive-thru and walk-up ordering spaces, plus contactless tech and meal serving features. 

A redesigned experience: Check out the mockups and read more about how the new renovations will work.

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Premium | Smucker’s Sees Its New Approach to Advertising Pay Off as Sales Soar

It’s not often you see a brand burn its own advertising, but J.M. Smucker Company acknowledged that its creative was a little lackluster—before the past two years, that is. In 2018 it initiated a creative transformation that would unite the company’s siloed marketing strategies and pack the punch of Publicis Groupe’s Power of One client solution into a three-pronged system focusing on coffee, pet foods and consumer foods. As a result, the company can quickly jump on trends and leverage the same data for the benefit of all of its brands.

Plus, the creative has leveled up: Watch spots for Folgers and Jif to see how a “vanilla” strategy turned into one that’s exciting, memorable and targeted.

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Dozens of Brands Will Advertise Their Job Openings Instead of Sales This Labor Day

It’s a tough job market out there, so more than 50 companies including General Mills, Burger King and New Balance are using their marketing channels to help out. Over Labor Day weekend, instead of promoting their blowout sales and discounts, they’ll be promoting their job openings. The campaign, which was kicked off by Minnesota-based Red Wing Shoes and Droga5, also involves the brand transforming its customer service line into a job search hotline, and is being promoted with a full-page ad in the New York Times aiming to get other brands involved.

Connecting the jobless with jobs: The retailer has also released a video that shows its job openings and includes links embedded into the video to each listing.

Baby Yoda Returns as Disney+ Sets The Mandalorian’s Season 2 Premiere 

Baby Yoda fans rejoice: Season 2 of The Mandalorian will drop on Oct. 30, which just so happens to be right around the time that initial subscribers will be deciding whether to re-up their subscriptions. The streamer initially raked in 60.5 million subscribers, a number amped up by a free year deal through Verizon and a three-year subscription deal. 

Can it compete in the long term? Now the goal is to keep people coming back for more in an increasingly competitive space.

Pepsi’s New NFL Campaign Pivots to Fan-Centric Advertising

Working with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pepsi organized for fans Tim Dougherty and his son, Pat, to have their bright yellow stadium seats removed from the stadium and installed in their living room. The campaign is part of the brand’s overarching strategy to focus on engaging football fans with levity and humor along with personalized activations that stir viewer and fan emotions, focusing on what fans miss most and addressing those wishes.

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