BK Intros ‘Inner Cowboy’

NEW YORK A new campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky for Burger King’s Western Whopper focuses on the cowboy in all of us.

“For the Western Whopper, we decided that everyone has an inner cowboy,” said Rob Reilly, vp and creative director, Crispin, Miami. “And the inner cowboy is articulated through the moustache.”

The campaign consists of three 30- and three 15-second spots that will be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, Fox, MTV, Cartoon Network and Fox cable, three radio ads and a Web site, petmoustache.com.

On the site people can upload their images (or those of others) and add a moustache that needs to be tended to and groomed to their face. “It sends you e-mails that say, ‘Hey, I miss you and why haven’t you waxed me?’ If you neglect it, it grows willy-nilly and wild,” said Reilly.

Print is in development. Aaron Ruell directed the spots and shot the print simultaneously. Ruell is also an actor who played Kip in Napoleon Dynamite.

In “Sorority Stache,” a member of the fictitious sorority Phi Alpha Zeta sits alone on a couch in front of a fireplace. As she contemplates her Western Whopper, two of her fellow blonde sisters, both sporting absurdly large blonde moustaches, watch in anticipation from across the room. Once the lone girl, who is also blonde, takes a satisfying bite and puts down the burger, she is revealed to have dark brown moustache. This elicits screams of horror from the two onlookers and prompts one to say accusatorily, “You’re not a real blonde.”

It ends with the tagline, “Bring out your inner cowboy, cowboy.”

“You could have gotten away with a good campaign if it was limited to men, but the Western Whopper is something that women enjoy and we didn’t want to exclude them,” said Reilly.