Bisceglia Plans 3iLLC Network

Sean Bisceglia, former Leo Burnett Technology Group CEO, intends to grow his new business-to-business venture through the acquisition of six to eight small shops with expertise in sectors ranging from agriculture to manufacturing.

Although the holding company, named 3iLLC, will not shy away from the technology sector, its focus will be on a broader range of industries, said Bisceglia, the firm’s CEO.

“This is more vibrant and has more opportunity than technology,” he said.

Bisceglia maintains that traditional agencies and holding companies have largely ignored the business-to-business market. “[It’s] an area that hasn’t been touched,” he said.

Philip de Roziere, who has worked for Koch Industries and Prebon Financial Products, will serve as president and chief financial officer.

The holding company plans to work with private investors and in-stitutions to raise money for acquisitions, one of which has already been completed. CMF&Z Marketing Communications in Des Moines, Iowa, will be run by Frank Maher, formerly a management director at Foote, Cone & Belding in Chicago.

Maher, who took control of the agency last week, said he was drawn to the opportunity to reshape and run his own agency.

“It’s a whole change of direction for CMF&Z,” he said.

Under 3i, the $65 million shop will continue to specialize in life sciences and agribusiness accounts, Maher said. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Bisceglia said he is in negotiations with agencies in Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Cleveland. The Midwest focus is “driven by the sectors we’re going after,” Bisceglia said. “This is where [those industries] are.”

Bisceglia sold his technology marketing company, then known as TFA, to Burnett in 1998. He resigned from the agency last March.

While Bisceglia said he expects to draw upon what he learned at Burnett, he also said this situation is in many ways entirely different.

“The difference between what I did there and what I’m doing now is I’m surrounded by entrepreneurs,” he said. “There’s a lot more commonality and understanding.”