Bioshield Taps Fricks

Fricks/Firestone here has been named agency for Bioshield Technologies.
The agency will develop television and radio commercials for the Atlanta startup’s new product, which will hit store shelves in mid-May.
According to Bioshield chief operating officer Jeff Parker, Fricks/Firestone emerged the winner over three other area shops: Adair Green, BBDO South and WestWayne. Atlanta’s Austin Kelley Advertising was also pitching the business but withdrew before a decision was made, Parker said.
WestWayne director of public relations Leanne Hand said: “We did have initial conversations with Bioshield, but it became apparent we were not the right size for their test market. We wish them well.”
Parker restricted his search to Atlanta because “I thought there was a lot of talent here.”
He said he was convinced “any of the agencies” could have handled his company’s fledgling account, but cited Fricks’ creative and media departments as deciding factors.
Parker did not go into detail about his company’s new product, other than to describe it as “a proprietary technology in the odor eliminator area . . . probably the fastest growing category in the grocery store.”
One agency source that had spoken with Bioshield said the product was a competitor to Proctor & Gamble’s Febreze, a laundry spray that removes odors.
Neither Parker nor agency president John Fricks would release billings information. A source at one agency, however, said his shop was told it would be $3-5 million.
Parker, a past president for several divisions of Sara Lee Corp., said advertising would be rolled out nationally on a market-by-market basis, but time is critical.
“We are going to move very fast on this, and I was very firm on the time frame with the agencies,” Parker said. “We’re in competition with a big multinational corporation.”