SMG: Up 53 percent to $10.4 billion (est.)

Starcom: Up 13 percent to $4.3 billion (est.)

MediaVest: Up 12 percent to $3.3 billion (est.)


SMG: Up 22 percent to $416 million (est.)

Starcom: Up 13 percent to $140 million (est.)

MediaVest: Up 12 percent to $163 million (est.)

Win/Loss pitch ratio

SMG: 1 out of 2

Starcom: 7 out of 7

MediaVest: 1 out of 1

accounts won/media budget*

SMG: General Motors ($2.9 billion)

Starcom: Polaroid ($100 million)

United States Army ($95-100 million)

Lego ($50 million)

MediaVest: Kraft Foods ($800 million)

DirecTV ($60 million)

accounts lost/media budget

Starcom: Motorola Semiconductor ($20 million)

MediaVest: J.C. Penny ($120 million)


Starcom MediaVest Group is formed as holding company within Bcom3. SMG created GM Planworks.

*Only the largest clients are indicated here.

Sources: Adweek reports and Competitive Media Reporting