Billboard Bikes Appear on Atlanta Streets

ATLANTA Mini Mobile Media said next week it will launch its newest “outdoor” advertising campaign for Sub Shop’s South Atlanta location.

MMM’s four-wheel recumbent bicycles first appeared earlier this month on the streets of downtown Atlanta advertising Ted Turner’s Ted’s Montana Grill restaurants. The ad bikes also appeared at the AIDS Walk in Atlanta last Sunday, where advertisements for Delta Air Lines, CVS Pharmacy, Earthlink and Whole Foods Market were displayed.

After traveling to London and seeing bikes displaying 4 foot by 6 foot “transit” print ads, MMM founder Michael Dudich contacted the bicycle manufacturer in the U.K. He acquired the rights to use the ad bikes in the U.S.

Mini ad bikes have been used in London for more than two years, Dudich said. Color print ads are displayed on dual boards, and a uniformed rider interacts with the public, handing out product samples, promotional information and coupons.

Dudich noted that the bicycles are an eye-catching and interactive way to reach target audiences. “We got a tremendous response our first time out,” Dudich said. “People wanted to have their pictures taken with the bikes.”

“The flexibility is strong,” he added. “Another advantage is that once the ad boards are printed, the bikes can be on the road the very next day.”

Dudich said that Atlanta-based MMM’s next effort for Ted’s Montana Grill will launch later this month. Campaign spending was undisclosed.