This Bike Park Wants Riders to Know You’re Not Awake if You’re Not Riding

Campaign says sleep later

While you were out brunching on Sunday morning with your friends, enjoying that endless stream of booze and eggs benedict, some people were out breathing in the fresh air of the Canadian Rockies, challenging their minds and bodies by riding on some tough trails at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

A new campaign for the bike park from Good Fortune Collective, a Vancouver-based indie shop, and Goldstein Productions aims not only to get more novice bikers buying passes to the bike park, but also courting some of the more elite riders who, according to Whistler Bike Park, may feel that some of the courses are getting too easy.

"We needed to find a platform and connect to a cultural insight within the mountain bike community that spoke to riders as equals and gave new motivation to ride the bike parks. That really was the impetus to coming up with this notion of sleep later just to give a new rally cry and get people excited about getting after it today," said Drew Pautler, founder and creative director of Good Fortune Collective.

"Brunch," which focuses on the opening of Whistler's iconic bike path called Top of the World, shows shots of a rider navigating a tricky course on a clear morning. The narration, though, is disconnected—we hear a woman taking a man's brunch order at Greasy's Diner. He's ordering the Lumberjack's special as the spot continues to show a rider navigating the trail. "If you're brunching, you're sleeping" the spot concludes.

A second spot, "Truly Awake," aims to capture moments in life that make you feel alive from spending time with the person you love and to jumping off a cliff. Those moments are cut in with shots of bikers in the park, slowly at first and then more dramatically toward the end of the 90-second spot. 

Both spots are part of the park's "Sleep Later" campaign, encouraging mountain bikers of all experience levels, from beginners to pros, to come out and experience everything Whistler Mountain Bike Park has to offer.

"What's so exciting about the 'Sleep Later' campaign is it's something that mountain bikers are really taking a hold of and making it feel like it's their own. That's been a sign for us that we've tapped into something more than just a marketing campaign for Whistler," Pautler added.

Another way the park is engaging with bikers is through a digital suggestion box, Trail Engaged. If bikers notice a spot on one of the trails that needs attending to or just have an idea for a way to improve the park, they can submit it online. At the end of the day, it's all about getting more people into the park and enjoying the great trails and views it has to offer, Pautler said.

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