aris, West & Baker’s latest effort for The Partner-ship for a Healthy Mississippi puts a
Big Tobacco executive right where some people say he belongs.
Set in the year 2070, the 60-second “Prisoner” television spot takes place in a high-security prison of the future, where a defense attorney is meeting his new client.
As a massive guard (see photo below) leads the attorney through the prison, he provides a running commentary about the convict: “He killed 11,000 people a day . . . Liked ’em young . . . Rotted out their bodies, but kept their brain hooked . . . When they got too old or died, he just went after more kids.”
The attorney reviews a digital case file, revealing dozens of mouth and throat maladies said to be caused by tobacco. As they reach the cell, the lawyer asks how anyone could have gotten away with such crimes for so long. Nonchalantly, the guard answers, “He ran a tobacco company,” before the scene cuts to the glowering executive in his cell, appearing as if he were at a business meeting.
The Jackson, Miss., agency’s spot broke last week throughout Mississippi.
–T.W. Siebert