Big Spenders Still Big On TV

Industry hype might cast the Internet as king, but TV, after a dip in 2005, experienced more growth as a percentage of the overall ad spend than did the Web among the top-10 advertisers during the first nine months of 2006.

Collectively, the top 10 devoted $7.2 billion, or more than half of the group’s total measured ad spend ($13.6 billion), to TV buys. In comparison, they spent $664 million, or 5 percent, of their budgets on the Internet. According to TNS Media Intelligence, TV increased its share of the mix from 50 to 53 percent over the same period last year (the most recent term for which data is available), while Internet buys were up just 1 percent over the same span.

Bob Coen, svp, director of forecasting at Universal McCann, wasn’t surprised. “The companies that are extremely heavy in the Internet are the media themselves, technology and financial services,” he said, not those that generally populate the top 10. Some clients did not return calls or would not comment on the numbers.

While Hispanic media jumped 25 percent overall, the greatest decline belonged to print. The top 10 spent 12 percent less on the medium through September, leaving it with only a 30 percent share of the overall spend, down from 35 percent. —