Big Names, Big Ads for Disney

It was way back in September that the Disney Internet Group (DIG) first rolled out its “Big Impression” ad units — well before the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) made the big unit one of the new norms.

And, although no one may be convinced yet that bigger is better, some big-name advertisers are clearly starting to buy into the idea. DIG announced on Wednesday that Honda has signed on as an advertiser in the larger space, joining AFLAC, AT&T, Compaq, H&R Block, J.C. Penny, Levi’s, Miller Lite, Nextel, Taco Bell, Universal, Wal-Mart and Wendy’s.

The big ads, which DIG president Steve Wadsworth said are an invaluable way to increase brand awareness, will continue to run on the homepages of various DIG sites like and The ads are sold on a daily basis and are positioned above the fold on the site’s homepages.