It’s a bit of an art form to make fun of something and still make someone want to buy it.

McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown recently completed a print campaign for Pravda Records, a Chicago-based label. Pravda represents several bands that, frankly, don’t have a lot of listeners. Research turned up one overriding reaction to the label: ‘Man, are they small.’

The agency decided to play up the client’s obscurity in a campaign running in several ‘zines, including PIG.

Each ad in the series features the CD covers of two Pravda bands. (Copywriter Kevin Lynch teamed with art director Jon Wyville on the assignment.)

One ad features Boom Hank and Javelin Boot and reads: ‘Be the first on your block to own these discs. Hell, be the first, period.’

The small type adds, ‘Pleasing none of the people all of the time. So do not be alarmed when people mock you for buying the new Boom Hank and Javelin Boot discs.’ Perfect for the ‘zine set.

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