Big Hand Puts Barbie On Screen

Looking beyond Web site design and multimedia projects for growth, Dallas interactive shop Big Hand has developed proprietary software that has attracted interest from national marketers like Mattel.
Mattel Media in El Segundo, Calif., is the first company on board for Big Hand’s ScreenGear, a software program that allows computer users to customize their displays with themed graphics, games and sounds.
Mattel has packaged the technology in its Barbie Screen Styler CD-ROM, distributed nationally through retailers including CompUSA.
“We set out to create a defining brand and our own technology to differentiate us from the dozens of other interactive businesses out there, and to create real ongoing value in terms of a tangible asset in our company,” Big Hand president Steve O’Brien said. “In terms of the product, we saw an opportunity to provide consumers with a way to customize their Windows environment to suit their taste, and we saw the value to advertisers of owning that space on the computer screen.”
Big Hand creative director Jay Wolff said ScreenGear products can be used to create new marketing campaigns or designed with existing materials and repackaged to piggyback on current promotions.
Big Hand has also created a ScreenGear product for Pinnacle Brands, a trading card company in Dallas. Collectors who purchase six Pinnacle CD-ROM trading cards get the ScreenGear application.