Big Easy Makeover Rolls On

NEW ORLEANS-Zehnder Communications here broke a new broadcast and print campaign this month for New Orleans’ Downtown Development District, keeping the catchy tagline they introduced last year and giving it a mission.
“Come out of your shell,” has been added to the beginning of the well-received DDD jingle: “New Orleans is your oyster, downtown is your pearl.”
Zehnder’s new twist on the campaign hopes to get downtown workers-the DDD’s primary target-out of their offices and into the streets, shops and restaurants during their lunch and off-hours.
The shop’s campaign also targets visitors to New Orleans as well as citywide residents. When Zehnder took over the $350,000 account last year, the shop was charged with overcoming the downtown area’s bad image of high crime, poor parking and lack of cleanliness.
The sassy jingle concentrates on attributes of the downtown area. According to Zehnder, calls to the DDD’s hotline and participation in its POP contests have doubled since its introduction. Research found that one in four local residents could recall the campaign’s jingle.
“The 1999 campaign is a high-impact, high-frequency campaign that includes a direct call to action,” agency principal Jeff Zehnder said. “In 1998, we told people what a great place downtown was. Now in 1999, we say, “We’ve told [you] what’s downtown, now go there.'”
The new Zehnder campaign is also buying more time on radio stations. The radio commercials emphasize the jingle and air during peak traffic hours. Besides radio and TV ads, the campaign includes print and outdoor work. ƒ