Big can, little man

When ad agency FA2 wanted to promote a tiny little printing press that is designed to accommodate even the biggest images, it called on two decidedly different models.

The Culver City, Calif., agency (formerly known as Fotouhi Alonso Asso ciates) created a series of direct mail pieces for Jarrin Printing & Imaging: One features Gabriel Pimentel (shown here), who bills himself as the “Shortest Man in L.A.,” while the other features the butt (and just the butt) of an unidentified, generously proportioned woman wearing pink undies.

“It’s all very tasteful,” said agency principal and creative director Jorge Alonso, who is 6-foot-1 and claims to have a normal-sized butt. “We wanted to make the point that you don’t need a big [printing] press to generate a big image.

“We’re not trying to make fun of anyone,” he continued. “What’s a better way to show something is small than to use a model who is 2-foot-10? And what’s a better way to show some thing is big than to use, you know, a gigantic butt?”