Big Ads, Deep E Treading Softly on the Green Path

New Ads Distance Footwear Maker From ‘Typical Tree Huggers’
LOS ANGELES–A new print and outdoor campaign from Big Ads posits that buying Deep E environmental footwear and accessories is good for Mother Earth.
Highlighting Portland, Ore.-based Deep E’s fall line, the ads introduce a number of different shoes while explaining that a portion of sales goes to three different environmental causes.
While pointing to the brand’s environmental benefits–the company uses materials and processes that help minimize waste while conserving resources–the agency wanted to avoid using guilt trips or making the ads heavy-handed.
“We didn’t want to come across as typical tree huggers,” said Sean Blixseth, account executive and president of the Portland agency. “These are great shoes, and as a sense of affirmation, they’re environmentally [friendly].”
One ad, for the Coho shoe, even cautions against mistaking the product for “hippie shoes.”
“For starters, hippies don’t wear shoes,” it states.
In addition to point-of-sale executions, two phases of print ads will begin breaking in December, around the holidays. Phase one will include environmental magazines such as Sierra and Mother Jones, while the second wave will target alternative weeklies and national magazines such as Spin.
Blixseth said he and his staff enjoyed working on a product they felt good about. “So many times we are challenged by [handling] products we don’t agree with or like,” he said.
Big Ads’ creative team included creative director and copywriter Joel Thomas, art director Jim Raleigh, photographer Andy Batt and client contact Bob Farentinos.
Big Ads won the account two and a half years ago. Its experience in the category also includes assignments for Nike and Dr. Martens. K