Betty Crocker “What is Love”

We all know that “kids say the darnedest things,” so I expected this online Valentine’s spot from Betty Crocker that stars young children giving their definitions of love to be, well, funnier. Like most online spots, this one at 90 seconds is way too long and the length deflates any comedic energy that may come from the kids’ answers. Dressed like cupcakes, cakes and other Betty Crocker-inspired baked goods, the children one by one give their definitions. Of course, they are all adorable and some do find “unique” ways to describe love. One girl tells us love is shaped like a butterfly, a boy says it’s “things you give to people very nice.” He’s already shaped it by the commercialism of the day. The best line comes from a girl dressed like a chocolate-chip cookie who talks about the joys of Valentine’s Day: “People get dressed up like a love fairy and sometimes they shoot pretend arrows to get you to fall in love with somebody. It is sort of like a toilet plunger.” She’s probably visualizing some cartoon image of cupid throwing arrows that are safely tipped with suction cups, but someday she’ll learn just how on target she is with that one. The kids are then tortured by being given cupcakes that their oversized costumes won’t let their hands reach. They do get to enjoy the sweets eventually by getting out
of their outfits — and the spot ends with a Valentine’s wish.–Eleftheria Parpis