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crazy legs Levi’s TBWA\Chiat\Day, San Francisco

Hypnotizingly freaky and funky. The Levi’s-clad legs of a hipster contort in a unique boogie, but his upper body remains motionless in the Spike Jonze-directed spot. A talented street dancer in his own right, the actor—known simply as Johnny—needed an assist from post house Sea Level in Venice, Calif., to execute his split-level groove. The trick, says effects producer Erik Rogers, was to make the moves compelling yet not too far beyond human capability. “Spike wanted it naturally unnatural,” he says. The project took two months to complete, in part because Sea Level also created a 60-second version for cinemas in Canada, featuring additional effects. Jonze shot the actor twice, once walking normally and then dancing. Sea Level, led by effects supervisor Ben Gibbs, composited Johnny’s walking upper body onto his dancing legs, syncopating it to the music of “Si Señor” by Mexican hip-hop group Control Machete. The spot won Levi’s Super Bowl berth after topping a vote on the company’s Web site. Our readers also loved the legs, which garnered about 700 more votes than second-place “Shade Running.”

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