Best Spots: November
spent two minutes
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding, S.F. Deputy ECD/Exec. prod.: Steve Neely Group CD/CW: Tom O’Keefe CD/AD: Matt Reinhard Prod. co.: Headquarters Dir.: Joe Public Editor: Avi Oron, Cosmo Street Music: Wojahn Brothers
Remember Sing-along With Mitch? This ad recalls that 1960s TV show–without the ball bouncing over the lyrics. The Sweaterman sing: “I spent two minutes, two whole minutes, two minutes shopping for your gift. And it was so pleasant, getting credit for a present, that was really super easy to give. Thanks to Amazon, I don’t mean to flaunt it, but it’s just the gift you wanted. And it only took two minutes.”

Arizona Jeans
Batting cage
Agency: DDB, Dallas Chief creative: Steve Bassett AD: Jay Russell CW: Wade Alger Exec. dir., broadcast prod.: Hal Dantzler Agency prod.: Chelle McDonald Prod. co.: The A+R Group Dir.: David Ramser Editor: Michael Van De Kamer, Post Op
Wearing his Arizona Jeans, a teenager takes a few swings in the local batting cage. He looks good, connecting on some long fly balls. He also connects with three girls who are sauntering past; all are impressed with his batting stroke. As he glances back to scope the babes, the pitching machine fires a fastball–nailing him in a vulnerable place. Super: “At least part of you is comfortable.”
emeril lagasse
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, N.Y. Chief
creative: David Page AD: Marc Klein
CW: Toby Barlow Exec. prod.: Lisa Young Prod. co.: Wild Scientific Dir.: David Wild Editor: Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler
A man answers a knock at the door. The visitor: TV chef Emeril Lagasse, who personally delivers his new book. Emeril even cooks up a few recipes, using his trademark “Bam” on the reluctant customer. VO: “ We bring writers home.”
Agency: Cliff Freeman and Partners, N.Y. CD/CW: Eric Silver AD: Jason Gaboriau CW: Steve Doppelt Agency prod.:
Nick Felder Prod. co.: Propaganda Films Dir.: Dante Ariola Editor: Gavin Cutler, MacKenzie Cutler Special effects:
Johnnie Semerad, Quiet Man
The five-person Budget idea team wants to push luxury to make “the driving experience more enjoyable.” For $49 a day, customers can get Jaguars, Town Cars and Grand Marquises with leather seats, CD players and aromatherapy candles. Cut to four businessman tooling along in their luxury car. With candles burning, the four men fall asleep, including the driver. The car crosses the highway divider, wreaking havoc with oncoming traffic.

check id
Agency: DDB, Chicago Chief creative: Bob Scarpelli Group CD: Don Pogany ACD/CW: Bart Culberson AD: Kevin Kearns Exec. prods.: Greg Popp,
Bryan Sweeney Prod. co.: A Band Apart Dir.: Richard D’Alessio Editor: David Baxter, Panic & Bob Arranger: Gary Schreiner Composers: Gary Schreiner, Jack Petruzelli, Crushing Music
A woman enters a convenience store and grabs a six-pack from the cooler. The store clerk follows her progress and, when she puts the beer on the counter, he asks to see her ID. She pushes back her blond hair, revealing the face of an older woman. Super: “Check ID. You might make a 35-year-old’s day.” Checking ID is a good way to keep alcohol away from underage kids. It may be an even better way for pimply-faced cashiers to get a little May-December action.

Chevy Blazer
Agency: Campbell-Ewald, Warren, Mich. Vice chairman/Chief creative officer: Bill Ludwig CDs: Jim Gorman, Joe Puhy AD: John Clarey CW: Jon Stewart Agency prod.: Jim Gilmore Prod. co.: Plum Productions Dir.: Eric Saarinen
Editor: Steve Wystrach, Anchor Editorial Composer: Jonathan Elias, Elias
& Associates Music: MachineHead
Special effects: Sight Effects
While waves crash against jagged rocks and a foghorn blares, a distant light pierces through the storm. As the camera approaches the lighthouse, the visibility clears–it’s the headlights of a Chevy Blazer. VO: “A little security in an insecure world.”

Comcast SportsNet
Agency: Red Tettemer, Narberth, Pa. ECDs: Ed Tettemer, Steve Red CD/CW: Rich Ratay AD: Erik Silverson CW: Mike Pierantozzi Agency prod.: Chip Schofield Prod. co.: NFL Films Dir.: Greg Kohs
Editor: Greg Hecker, Comcast SportsNet
Meet the world’s most benevolent football fan: “Missed field goal? Nothing to be ashamed of,” he says. “Fumbles happen. Nobody’s perfect. So what, we lost. What’s important is how we played the game.” Super (in garish black and red type): “Totally not Philly.” They got that right. Philadelphia sports fans are the sickest bunch of wackos in America. They’d boo God if He cost the Eagles a football game. By the way, this ad pitches a couple of Philly cable talk shows.

Agency: Katsin Loeb, S.F. CD: Jef Loeb AD: Frank Beneduci CW: Rod Kilpatrick Agency prod.: Annie Uzdavinis Prod. co.: JGF Dir.: Jeff Gorman Editor: Tracy Hof, Straight Cut Music: Needle Drop, Turtaglia Productions
“It’s a lifestyle choice. They don’t have to be that way,” says a man. “I say live and let live–just not in my neighborhood,” says a woman. “They live in their big houses. They walk around in their fancy clothes,” says another man. VO: “There’s only one way to end prejudice against the rich–by joining them.” The ad is sponsored by “The Partnership for a Filthy Rich America.” is an e-commerce Web site.
Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, S.F. CD/AD: Steve Luker CD/CW: Kevin Jones Agency prod.: Kelly Green Prod. co.: Propaganda Films Dirs.: Tom Kuntz, Mike Maguire
Editor: Doug Walker, FilmCore Music: David Della Santa, Rebar Sound
A teenage couple orders dinner at a nice restaurant. “What are you going to get?” he asks. “I don’t know. Maybe salad,” she replies. “Salad? What are you nuts?” screams a green man sitting at the table. He suggests a thick filet for her and grilled salmon for him. “Who’s that?” the girl asks. “That’s my money,” the kid says. VO: “Maybe it’s time to learn how to handle your money.” Doughnet, an online banking and shopping service, claims it can help.

The Gap
Agency: In-house CD: Lisa Prisco AD:
Carl Byrd Agency prods.: Leigh Donaldson, Tiffany Richter Prod. co.: Partizan Dir.: Michel Gondry Editor: Russel Icke Special effects: Buf Compagnie Music: LeRoy Anderson, Vanilla Ice, Dust Brothers Produce
Dressed in winter gear, the Gap models cavort, ice skate and act like the June Taylor Dancers to the music of “Sleigh Ride” and “Ice Ice Baby.” The special effects this time? The dancers morph into one person. Super: “That’s holiday.”
office DRTV
Agency: Young & Rubicam, N.Y. ECDs:
Peter Murphy, Manny Perez Group CD: Chris Grabenstein ACD/AD: Rich Goldstein ACD/CW: Charles Bromley Agency prod.: Sherri Levy Prod. co.: Propaganda Films Dir.: David Kellogg Editor: Chris Franklin, Big Sky
VO: “To help you find just the perfect gifts for everyone on your list we test all kinds of gift ideas.” The testers, wearing brightly colored lab coats, examine perfumes, dog toys,
coffeepots, Portuguese bath sets, steaks, lobsters, bagels and golf equipment. It’s a funny ad.

Green Room
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, N.Y. ECD: Chris Wall CD: Dan Burrier AD: Simone Lewis CW: Randi Himelfarb Agency prod.: Rob Farber Prod. co.: Hungry Man Dir.: John O’Hagen Editor: Chris Hellman
“Dude, we’re in,” says a kid to the camera, after he enters Sheryl Crow’s empty dressing room. He checks out Crow’s guitar and clothes, uncorks her champagne and discovers one final item. “Dude, Sheryl Crow’s toothbrush!” Of course, he uses it. This ad promotes the IBM-sponsored Sessions at West 54th–the televised concert series that puts you close to the action.
his cheating heart
Agency: DiMassimo Brand Advertising, N.Y. CD/CW: Mark DiMassimo AD: Sandra Scher CW: Phil Gable Agency prod.: Carla Hall Prod. co.: Big Picture Communications Dir.: Joe Chapura Editor: Geno Tulchin, Sky Rocket
Shot in black and white, this spot serves up Fred and Ethel. Fred wants to sneak out of the house to meet his hottie squeeze. “I think I’ll go out for a magazine,” he says. “You’re going to go out for THAT?! has magazines,” she replies. At every turn, Fred is thwarted by–an online service that delivers lots of stuff.

Agency: Team One, El Segundo, Calif. Co-chairman/CD: Tom Cordner CD/AD: Steve Levit AD: John Figone CW: Greg Collins Sr. prod.: Beth Hagen Assist. prod.: Nikki Brancati Prod. co.: HKM Dir.: Noam Murro Editor: Ben Longland, Rock Paper Scissors Recording studio: Eleven
While driving, a man talks on a cell phone and clacks away at his laptop computer. Super: “He drives on the same roads you do.” It’s a clever way to sell auto safety. Hey, you want multitasking? They apply mascara, rouge, eyeliner and nail polish, work the cell phone and sip coffee. Three cheers for the women of the New York subways.
First Book
Agency: DDB, Chicago Chief creative: Bob Scarpelli Group CD: Paul Brourman AD/CW: Suzanne Darabaris CW: Christine Osborne Sr. prod.: Win Peniston Prod. co.: Pytka Dir.: Joe Pytka Editors: Rob Watzke, Greg Sundmark, Lisa Arnaiz, Red Car Composer: Jud Haskins, Soundscore
A little girl reads from a book: “A bear fell down the hill. What will I do?” When she struggles, Mom tells her to sound the word out. “You just read that whole book,” exclaims Mom. “Let’s celebrate.” It’s off to McDonald’s, where the girl orders a Happy Meal–from a braille menu.

Milk Processor Education Program and Dairy Management
Agency: Bozell, N.Y. ECD: Brent Bouchez Group CD/CW: Rich Levy AD: Tom Millar Agency prod.: John Burger Prod. cos.:
RSA USA, Digital Domain Dir.: Allan Van Rijn Editor: Lee Cowan, Lost Planet
Composer/Sound designer: Brian Banks, Matt Schoenfeld, Ear to Ear
Playing a video game, two kids can’t get Super Mario to jump over a wall. After the kids leave the room, Mario bursts out of the TV and heads to the kitchen, where he drinks milk. Returning to the game, he masters the wall. Super: “Want to grow?”
MTV Sports & Music Festival
Foo Fighters
Agency/Prod. co.: In-house SVP on-air promotion: Christina Norman CW: David Horowitz Line prod.: Lorin Shernan Dir.: Melissa Silverman Editor: Steve Pilgrim
“When MTV invited us to perform at the Sports & Music Festival, it really fulfilled a lifelong dream of ours to practice our asses off trying out new stuff,” says a member of the Foo Fighters. It seems the band flexed all the wrong muscles, injuring themselves in the process. Incidentally, this festival is “where extreme sports and music meet in Vegas.” Uh-huh.

Morning After
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore. ECDs: Dan Wieden, Jim Riswold CD/AD: Hal Curtis CD/CW: Chuck McBride Agency prod.: Robyn Boardman Prod. co.: Satellite Films Dir.: Spike Jonze Editor: Angus Wall, Rock Paper Scissors Music: Elias & Associates Sound
designer: Ren Klyce, Mute of Sound
Jan. 1, 2000. After a night of partying, a runner laces up his Nikes and hits the streets. But his workout is a little different today–he has to avoid looting mobs, armored personnel carriers, riot police, exploding bombs, even a runaway giraffe. No problem–the runner just does it.
Agency: Fallon McElligott, Minneapolis CD: David Lubars Creative group head: Peter McHugh AD: Scott O’Leary CW: Michael Burdick Agency prods.: Rob
van de Weteringe Buys, Marty Wetherall Prod. co.: Partizan Dir.: Traktor Editor: Andrea MacArthur, Mad River Post/The White House Music: Paul Anka
Late at night, a woman carries a sleeping man from the backseat of a car to the front door of a house. Gently placing him on the doorstep, she puts a note on his arm: “Hi. Please take care of my husband.” Then she skedaddles. Final shot: the women’s closet, his side empty. VO: “Make room for shoes.”

Oxygen Media
Agency: Mullen, Wenham, Mass. ECD:
Edward Boches CDs: Amy Watt, Spencer Deadrick AD: Rich Wallace CW: Mark Moll Agency prod.: Susan Poor Prod. co.: Shelter Films Dir.: Jonathan David Editor: Wendy Rosen, 3 Fingered Louie Sound designer: Mike Johnson, MachineHead
Dad turns on the camcorder. “Today could be the day–can you say Dada?” he asks. But all the little girl can say is, “Mama.” Super: “Baby’s first word. Another great reason to be a woman.” targets women?
PECO Energy
Agency: Tierney & Partners, Philadelphia CD: Rochelle Klein AD: Buzz Miller CW: Michele Gussman Agency prod.: Pam Ferman Prod. co.: Tool of North America Dir.: Erich Joiner Editor: Karen Kelly, MacKenzie Cutler Music: Andy Bloch, Joel Simon, JSM
In Paris, a man prepares to propose to his sweetheart. With violins playing and champagne chilling, the guy pulls out the engagement ring. Right then a pigeon swoops down and carries the rock away. No problem: He’s got a second diamond. VO: “You can never be too prepared. That’s why [our] people are intensely trained for emergency response. Because when you’re ready, nothing throws you.” Tagline: “PECO Energy. No doubt about it.”
repro 101
Agency: Gotham, N.Y. CD/CW: Dan Sheehan AD: Sean Dougherty Agency prod.: Tom Dakin Prod. co.: Go Film Dir.: Gary
McKendry Editor: Joey Laiker, Earth II Mars
During sex-education class–just as the reproduction video starts to get good–the TV monitor goes on the fritz. Time to call in the nerdy audio-visual guy, who always saves the day. reviews and sells electronic products. VO: “We’re the guys who used to hang out in the AV room.”
Select Comfort
Agency: Kruskopf Olson, Minneapolis CD/CW: David Whitman AD: Bill Whitney Agency prod.: Anne Swarts Prod. co.: Twist Films Dir.: Joe Schaak Editor: Kevin James Music: Echo Boy
This ad for the “official bed of the Minnesota Vikings” hits pay dirt. “We’re using the Select Comfort air bed to improve our on-field performance,” says coach Foge Fazio, who incorporates the mattress into team workouts. “I sleep better on this bed. I even dream better,” says wide receiver Chris Carter.

Totes Pocket Wonder Umbrella
Agency: Sive/Young & Rubicam, Cincinnati CDs: John Nagy, Bruce Carlson AD: Mark Giambrone CW: Andy Conroy Agency prod.: Doug Bergheger Prod. co.: Tate & Partners Dir.: Allan Martinez Editor: Don MacDonnel, Jayne Morris Berry Post Composer: Bob Smart, Wave Productions
At a fine restaurant, a couple watches a waiter prepare dessert. The waiter, however, can’t keep his eyes off the beautiful woman, and he pours a whole bottle of brandy into the flambƒ. When he lights the dessert, the flames roar to the ceiling, setting off the sprinkler. While the restaurant patrons scramble for cover, the original couple pull out their portable umbrellas.
hot day
Agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners, N.Y. Chairman/Chief creative: Lee Garfinkel Vice chairman/ECD: Gary Goldsmith Creative group head/CW: Seth Fried Creative group head/AD: Steve Kashtan Prod.: Rachel Novak Prod. co.: Satellite Films Dir.: Josh Taft Editor: Stephen Jess, Lost Planet Composer: John Alters, What’s the Score, Johnny?
A man works underneath his car on a hot day. When the studly gearhead comes up from under, the neighborhood women, young and old, take notice. The thing is, he’s been working under the car so long, half his body is sunburned, and half is not. Super: “You can always tell the guys who use Valvoline.”

Volkswagen Cabrio
Milky Way
Agency: Arnold, Boston Chief creative: Ron Lawner CDs: Lance Jensen, Alan Pafenbach AD: Tim Vaccarino CW: Shane Hutton Agency prod.: Bill Goodell Prod. co.: Bob Industries Dirs.: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris Editor: Andre Betz, Bug Editorial Music: Nick Drake
To the acoustics of Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon,” four kids drive to a party in a Cabrio convertible. It’s nighttime, the road is empty and the stars and the moon fill the sky. They arrive, only to see the same old drunks staggering about. So they back up the car and drive some more. You can taste the freedom.

novemberAll those dire Y2K
predictions–you know, that chaos, death and destruction will reign for the next 1,000 years–what if they’re all true? That’s the premise of Nike’s apocalyptic spot titled “Morning After,”
created by Wieden & Kennedy in Portland, Ore. The shop’s original concept, says creative director Hal Curtis, was a Y2K countdown commercial, showing disasters, like airplanes crashing into
control towers. A runner would have served as the spot’s
exclamation point, not its focus. But when the Wieden creative team ran the idea past director Spike Jonze, he had a completely different take. “Spike wanted to tell a story that featured the
runner on the next day, ” Curtis explains. And Spike gets what Spike wants: After a night of revelry, the runner takes aspirin
and starts to run–past tanks, looters, riot police, helicopters,
a missile and a giraffe. Priced at more than $1 million, the ad
was shot in three days on four square blocks in Los Angeles. Although fueled by digital effects, “Morning After” isn’t about technology. “This spot is about priorities,” Curtis says. “When you’re a runner, you have to get out there and run.